The Betty Meier Steeley Funeral Home is observing its 70th year of business in Sellersville.  Since 1948, the Steeley Funeral Home has been owned and operated by one family.  The funeral home is under the ownership of James D. Steeley, funeral director and son of the late Betty Meier Steeley.  Jim is the family’s third generation to become a licensed Pennsylvania funeral director.


The funeral home was established by Albert E. Meier, Jim’s late grandfather, in August of 1948.  Mr. Meier and his wife Gertrude (pictured left) moved their business to Sellersville from Mountaintop, Pennsylvania. 




Al Meier used his hearse as an ambulance for Grand View Hospital, West Rockhill Township, during this period.



In 1949, Albert’s daughter Betty became licensed, creating the area’s first father-daughter team of funeral directors.  In the early 1950’s Betty’s brother, the late George A. C. Meier, also became a licensed funeral director.


In 1978, Betty acquired ownership of the business upon her father’s death.  One of the first women to become a licensed funeral director in Pennsylvania, she was the first woman president of the Eastern Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association (EPFDA). 

Mrs. Steeley operated the funeral home until 2000, when Jim, who had worked closely with his mother for many years, purchased the business.                                 



Today, Jim and his wife Marty are committed to continue the Steeley Family tradition of distinctive, supportive service established by his grandfather, mother, and  uncle.








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